The Story Of 2 Men Who Got Married The Same Day

Two men grew up together

They went to the same primary school. The same secondary school. The same university.

These two men did everything together. Some people would even mistake them for twins because of how they wore matching dresses sometimes

They did a lot together… both good and bad

Few years after university…

Things began to go well for them. They found love and got married… on the same day

How beautiful it was that day!

But 3 years after this beautiful wedding…

One of these 2 men already had 2 beautiful children while the other one was still…

Struggling so hard to have a baby even after several IVFs

Because even though life was fair to these men almost in the same measures

Something was different for one of them

One had a marriage blessed with 2 children

The other one was under intense pressure from all angles because no children… or at least a child

What made the difference?

You see, while one of these men had healthy and fertile sperm that allowed him to have children at will…

The other person had sperm problems

This is what made the difference between these two men

As a man, if you have sperm problems…

If means you have some or most of these problems below:

These problems can deprive you of your sperm forming your own children… no matter how hard you try except you correct them

While one of these men didn’t have any of these problems…

The other one had enough of them that prevented him from getting his wife pregnant 3 years after their wedding

The story of this second man without any child plays out in the lives of thousands or even millions of Ghanaian men ….

And will continue to be so in the lives of many of them who think it’s village people or the will of God for them not to have children

That’s why it’s not surprising that so many men raise children that are not theirs

Look, there’s nothing bad about raising a child that’s not yours… from relatives or even adopted

But it’s totally wrong and horrible to raise a child with the hopes that the child is yours and your blood flows in his veins…. Only to find out years later that the child is not yours

In fact, that should be one of the greatest crimes in the entire universe

It makes you question your existence… sanity

It’s not a situation you want to be in… it leaves a permanent scar.

Ask those who have felt this level of betrayal they will tell you

But the good thing is the above scenario does not have to play out in your life because this is…

Your turning point

Just like the second man in this story who had a turning point and ended up with children of his own

These sperm problems above are actually not permanent

What he did was not really hard and he didn’t even need to go through the pain of IVF

In the fourth year…

He had his first child

Late… but he did eventually

And the other children he had came easily after that

He even gave a name…

The 1-2-1-9 formula

He solved his sperm problems within 1-2… his wife got pregnant a month later and gave birth 9 months later

While this sounds like a miracle… it can be repeated in your life too no matter how long you have been searching for a true solution to end your sperm problems

If you are suffering from any sperm problem

Or maybe you just want to prevent any of them… and optimise your sperm health

There’s a way to naturally do it without any side effect

And that’s what can make the difference for you too… the turning point you need right now


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It’s dangerous to the child

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My wife had a miscarriage 1 year after our wedding and after then nothing has happened. She never got pregnant even if only for a day. At first, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was almost a year after that miscarriage until my uncle called one evening and asked if we were scared of trying another. We tried for the next 7 months and nothing happened until my doctor confirmed I had low sperm count. I was really confused and sad at the same time but I didn’t let my hope down. I started looking for how to take care of this problem before people would begin to tag my wife the problem. As God remains faithful, I found prime sperm booster and bought it. Within 2 months of taking it my sperm count is in range of 5o million from less than 10 million”

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